Smart Extrusion line connect to your Office PC

Carlassara, through the standardization of components used and the support of suppliers, can now offer extrusion lines managed entirely with digital signals of the type Industrial Ethernet.

Inverter, positioning axes, PLC, HMI, profile gauges, etc. They communicate with each other fully exploiting this technology and giving you the opportunity to take advantage of remote assistance via Internet for all technological components

In doing so, we create a system free from any electromagnetic disturbance avoiding the problems of ripple voltage resulting from traditional analog inputs and outputs, which could create in phase synchronism of the speed differences between the various machines.

The machines are in active communication between them with a data update in the order of 20 milliseconds.

When the synchronous operation Start, each machine synchronize with the other connected to the plant, adapting to the operator selected parameters

Once introduced the new reference value line speed, the machines are questioning together for synchronizing, After that the the Software creates a theoretical speed profile (with a configurable ramp) that the machines must follow. This logic leads to an increase or decrease synchronized of the line speed without problem of different stretching of the final product.

Another advantage of this standardization of communication, is having all the machines on the network and so the possibility of implementation in to a System of Supervision of the Extrusion Plant, having available:

  • Diagnostics alarm / message
  • Alarm history
  • Recipes Online
  • Run the synchronous operation of the line
  • Changing of each machine process data
  • Archive of process data
  • Consultation of electrical and mechanical diagrams
  • Can be customized according to customer requirements