Air duct TPU + WIRE PVC + WIRE
Smille pipe tpu / Nylon
Braided Hose-Garden hose
Plastic Profile
Braided Hose-Garden hose
Spiral hose PVC Suction and delivery water
Spiral hose PVC + iron wire

Extrusion line for…


Complete extrusion lines for pipes made of thermoplastic material for several industries: food, agricultural, industrial and automotive, PVC-TPU with inclusion of reinforce in polyester wires by high quality and fast Braiding machine. All complete line can be automated and equipped with modern production management systems.


Versatile extrusion lines, with the possibility of double exit from the extrusion head for high production speeds up to 300 kg / h Extrusion head configurable for different types of final tube profile.


Group towing wire already prepared for all different wire diameters. Full synchronization of all machines Maximum adhesion between the layers 2 of tube Mandrel with rectified springs and internal cooling


Extrusion line for single-layer TPU, PA11, LDPE small hoses for pneumatics application and monolayer rigid small hoses in PVC-U, PP, HDPE. Calibration and cooling tank with 1 or 2 of vacum-zone , of the length necessary for the required production speed. Control in feedback with the most modern system of diameter control for a stable production without scrub. Complete with custom cutting System for all the request.


Complete extrusion line for spiral hose for suction fumes-gas-air ne , wood chips, sand. With our complete equipment you can produce a wide range of hose extending from ø 30 mm up to ø 610 mm, with different spiral pitches. Hoses may be on PVC-PU-TPV and TPE or polyester fabric coated with all types of thermoplastic materials termoweldable. Hoses are all reinforced with spiral steel.
The diameter and also the pitch can be adjusted during the production millimeter by millimeter.
All complete line can be automated and equipped with modern production management systems.


Complete custom-made extrusion line for rigid profiles in PC - ABS - PP - PS - PMMA - PVC.U , for gaskets PVC-TPE profiles, for co-ex profiles with not-plastic materials , and TPE.PP Several compositions of line in function of co-ex , with addition of automation or shearing and cutting stations in function of the final product . There isn’t a standard machine for us , we can always adapt to the discerning customer requests.