Carlassara completely studies, designs and manufactures inside his company extrusion plants and following the entire production process. We make Extrusion Plants for: Flexible Spiral hose PVC, Flexible Air Duct in TPU, Monolayer Pneumatic hose in PU and PA6, Braided hose in PVC and PU, Garden Hose, Small rigid and Soft profile, Small PVC PS PP sheets. Our Family Company is in Varese(ITALY), and have an history of 30 years of experience in plastic equipment. In the last few years it has managed to consolidate a group of technicians who work together to satisfy customers and to guarantee a functional technical assistance. It has a technical department with 3D design systems, works with 5-axis CNC_machine and advanced CAD / CAM system for mechanical components of all its extrusion plants. Carlassara designs inside the electrical part of the plant, making use of specialized technicians in the electrical / PLC programming, managing their own line with SIEMENS digital systems. We are able to make complete System of Supervision for control the entire Process of Extrusion directly in your office: trachability of the final product, historicizing alarm, and more other. Thanks to an engineers team with many experience years in the plastics sector, our company is able to follow with great flexibility each specific customer’s request and to quickly provide the best solutions for each case. Our production in addition to the standard, also offers the opportunity to study and implement extrusion lines completely personalized in order to optimize production processes while maintaining a very high quality. Our products are made to be lasting!!